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Zannan SciTech (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. is high-tech Sino-American joint venture registered in Shanghai in 2009. We mainly involve in research and development of chemical and pharmaceutical products. The headquarter of Zannan SciTech is located in Shanghai Minhang Industrial Zone, and the production plant is located in Jiaxing, Zhejiang, which is specialized in production of Zhan Catalysts and HNBR rubber. We are focused on R&D investment and personal training. Based on our mission, Zannan SciTech has invested heavily in research and development, as well as in improving talent recruitment and cultivation mechanism. Currently, 22,000 square meters of new modern headquarter have been built as the center of R&D and marketing. We also have a highly qualified technical and management team, which is committed to carry out the R&D and industrial production of the Zhan catalyst and new polymer materials.


Zannan has a number of independent invention patents and global leading products, and it has successfully developed series of Zhan catalyst products, HNBR rubber, PDCPD and other new materials with high performance. These products have broken the record of global technology monopoly of the catalyst from United States, as well as the HNBR specialty rubber from Japan and Germany. Meanwhile, our globally patented Zhan catalysts have not only filled the gaps in the field of catalysts in China, but also have been widely used in the fields of new polymer materials and new drug synthesis. In addition, the research and development of 1.1 category new drug of anti-HCV (hepatitis C virus) have also achieved excellent preclinical results, which is more potent and competitive in comparison with other global well-known HCV drugs for both NS3/4A and NS5A targets.

At present, Zannan has received awards such as "High-tech Enterprise in Shanghai", " Shanghai Postdoctoral Base Enterprise" and "One of Hundred Most Growth Entrepreneurial Enterprises". The founder Dr. Zhan has filed more than thirty project related to domestic and international invention patents, and was awarded "Shanghai Leader Talent" and "Outstanding academic leader" by Shanghai municipal government, the entrepreneurial class expert of "thousand people plan" by Central Organization Department and the "2013 ten young learders of the venture in taurus award" by China venture association.

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