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Professor Zhan Zhengyun use of chemical synthesis of advanced new technology, in Nobel award on the basis of research results, new ruthenium complexes with high catalytic activity and synthesis. Catalyst structure and all reported different, optimize the currently known catalyst in olefin metathesis / multi substituted substrates metathesis catalytic activity in the reaction, in the air and the water is not stable to solve the problem, the success of research and development applicable to all types of olefin metathesis reaction, and has independent intellectual property rights second, three generation Jans catalyst. The catalytic activity of the project development of the product is higher than that of the international sales of similar products, the product quality is better than similar international products, realize the domestic similar products zero breakthrough, and reached the international advanced level in the olefin metathesis reaction.

The foundation has research and development of the second generation Jans catalyst, Professor Zhan Zhengyun also successfully developed a better catalytic activity of supported ruthenium catalyst series jans. The advantages of solid supported catalysts is very simple treatment after reaction, the filtered supported ruthenium catalyst can be recycled, is environment-friendly catalyst products of countries advocate. This kind of supported catalyst product solves the key problems of olefin metathesis / double decomposition reaction of industrialization production and environmental protection, not only to fill the gap, and reached the international advanced level.

New Jans ruthenium catalyst at present R & D and production of the broken Grubbs catalyst monopolize the market monopoly, to provide a series of product Jans catalyst better catalytic performance for synthesis of production of chemical, medicine and high polymer material, provides a more optimized selection for different organic drug and polymer materials production

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